How to Manage Domain Names You Have Won




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    William Poel

    We won an auction and you placed the  domain with an outfit called

    We never asked for this - we asked that domains be sent to our existing ENOM account.

    The process of getting the domain from has been a catalogue of mistakes and stupidity. I cannot believe e you or they can remain in business with such incompetence.

    I am shocked how bad this experience has been.

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    Joseph Higgs

    I won a domain several days ago, it has shown up in My Domains, yet, I have received no email (no, it's not in SPAM) with any information and therefore no way to access my domain. Your instructions CLEARLY state that I will receive an email once an account is made for me and ONLY THEN would the domain show up in the My Domains section. I can't access it. I even tried password retrieval but I can't even do that as I don't have any "secret question" answers to give! 

    I would say 'thanks'.... but why would I do such a stupid thing??

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